Petting Zoo

About the Zoo

Petting Zoo was formed in 1999 by accident in one of the member's garage.
They rapidly became famous in their small village located in Grass Valley, California. 
They are three best friends who have been playing the drums since
they could walk and took their talent to the streets.
What we do
Well... We Bang! Performing a style coined as Dumpster Funk.
Using drumsticks, dustpans, or baseball bats we drum on anything that makes a sound.
We conduct performances at Festivals, Concerts, Fundraisers, Weddings, and many other venues.


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Petting Zoo is supported by Tips and Donations. Please feel free to donate here. 


You can see us here in action. I’ll have to admit. It is much more fun to see us live. If you are interested in booking us for an event then… Contact Us   Playing in Old Town SacramentoAgain someone found us in Old TownYeah… We did a commercial for Channel 58. Don’t hate. Do we only play in Sacramento? We really get the crowd […]

The Drummers

  AdamJackShaun    You want to know about Adam? Nobody knows. Well… except that he likes tattoos, big trucks and not cleaning his room. Adam is also the proud owner of All Seasons Pools and Spas.     Jack is the brains of the operation. He is the one developing this website and answers the emails and calls. If you ask the other guys, he is not much […]


  Don’t hate us cuz you ain’t us.  

We perform for festivals, weddings, fundraisers, you name it!

I think we even played at a 1 year old birthday party. We get hired for the most random stuff, so don’t be afraid to reach out.